Saturday, June 8, 2019

World War II Essay Example for Free

World warfare II EssayRichard Wheeler, an author of Iwo a book about the battle of Iwo Jima during the World War II is, undoubtedly, familiar with the subject. He is a war veteran, who joined the Marine Corpse recently after attack on Pearl Harbor. Although he has exhausted two years at Alaska as a coast guard, he managed to join the actively fighting force of 28th Regiment of the new fifth Marine Division. His division was one of the first to invade Iwo Jima in spring 1945 and Wheeler participated in the most severe combat for the island. Two old age after the landing he has been heavily wounded and evacuated, however, those days were enough for him to write a book of memories, which he called simply Iwo. The book is a description of the battle for Iwo Jima from the point of view of marines, who invaded the island and the Japanese soldiers who protected it. The author pays humble attention to description of strategies and forces in the operation, concentrating on soldiers exp eriences. His writing whitethorn be in a way shocking and cynical as he writes how uncommon valor was a common virtue.Wheeler speaks a little of preparations, made by Americans and Japanese and describes some of the maneuvers of his own division, including the flag raising, which later became famous. But the book is more a story of life and fighting of marines on the island their thoughts, desires and feelings. All names of marines, places and other are due to authors own knowledge. The book is outstandingly exciting to read. It keeps the reader tensed and involves him into action, giving an insight from participants view.The language of the book is a language of a marine, not of a professor of history, and this makes the impression from the book even deeper. Iwo is a magnificent overview of WWII on the Pacific soldier experience. Perhaps it is not of great interest to history professionals, but is a must read book for all those interested in real story of the Pacific War. Those, w ho are already familiar with the matter would obtain additional sensitive understanding of war, and the beginners will find an exciting presentation into life of a soldier of World War II.

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